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What we’re about

"The longest journey begins with a single step"

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition which was conceived and practiced by Vedic people with the aim of developing a healthy body and a happy and peaceful life. In today’s modern world, yoga is often used as a method of practicing fitness, well-being and relaxation and is often used as a means of providing relief from stress and anxiety.  Yoga practice trains the body, controls the senses, calms the mind and expands the consciousness, allowing us to become attuned with our own body and internal feelings. Incorporating yoga practice within one’s lifestyle can provide immense benefit and transformation, additional benefits include. 

•  Improved mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. 

•  Release of tension and reduction of stress. 

•  Inducing of deep sleep and improved sleep patterns. 

•  Improved respiration and increased energy levels. 

•  Maintenance of a healthy digestive and metabolic system. 

•  Increased blood-flow and maintenance of circulatory system. 

•  Maintenance of a healthy nervous system. 

•  Increased stamina and boosted self-esteem.

•  Calming of the mind and increased focus. 

•  Boosted immune system and easing of pain. 

•  Promotes well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

My own Yoga Journey

I was introduced to yoga in 2007 when attending a taster yoga class.  As somebody who has always taken an interest in health and well-being yoga seemed the perfect addition to my regular health and fitness routine, so I continued to practice on a regular basis.

Previously working as a fully qualified Museum Objects Conservator my work centered on the principles of 'conservation, restoration and preservation' with the purpose of extending the lifespan of precious objects, it often struck me that we rarely apply the same principles to the human body and mind.  

After redundancy from my job in 2015 I decided to begin training as a yoga teacher and attended a 400 hour teacher training course with the International Shiva Yoga Centre in Liverpool.  This heightened my interest and I wanted to learn more about how yoga affects the human body and mind, so in 2018 I began a 500 hour, level 4 Teacher Training Diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga.

In order to live a balanced life and maintain our health and well-being, the same principles of 'conservation, restoration and preservation' can be applied to our bodies through the practice of yoga.  I hope to share what I have learnt, and continue to learn, through the classes I teach.

If you are a beginner or advanced I can offer skills and techniques through my yoga teaching that will help you maintain a healthy body and keep a balanced outlook.  I try to keep my lessons varied and all are taught in line with British Wheel of Yoga standards and ethics.

Through continued professional development I intend to teach in accordance with current principles and methods, my timetable of classes and workshops will reflect this. Please see my website for information of new classes and workshops.  All of my classes are inclusive and non discriminatory, therefore I welcome anybody regardless of experience or background. If you are unsure of which of my classes would be most suitable for you then please feel free to contact me. 

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