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The challenge in this group is to try to stay in the back of the group with the slowpoke pace and yet been able to catch the train, or bus in time and possible rest in a bar for a well deserve drink.

We organize using public transport but you can reach the final destination by car if you live in a location where the car is more practical.

The distance is around 12 to 16 km and the elevation is flat unless we go in Vallonia where it can be 250 m.

Despite the boundary of train constrain, the 15 km limit , the slow speed walking average we however extract the essence of the place with and easy and joyful spirit.

You are welcome to join if this characteristics resonate with you and I'm looking forward to meeting you

Feel free to contact me and host event if you have some hike to propose. The limit is 15 km



You are responsible for yourself. Know your limits and choose to participate or not in an activity accordingly. The organisers in this group are only volunteers. By signing up for an event, you agree to release the organisers/hosts from any responsibility/liability. If you don’t agree to this, do not join.

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Easter hike in Limburg blossoms

Needs a location

Yvoir-Dinant (16 km)

Needs a location

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