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What we’re about

BlackECON is a social economic movement designed to empower and influence the economic growth and development of black people, from inspiring a new progressive affluent culture, to making financial education trendy. BlackECON sets to reinvent the black ideal of success and lifestyle for the new epoch. 

Created by experienced entrepreneurs that have been involved in countless successful business ventures, by incorporating the principles of effective and aggressive business practices; BlackEcon is devoted to revolutionizing black business by providing a platform, education, and ongoing support.

Black Friday by BlakECON Each & Meetups will be Free Entrepreneurship Courses FREE ENTRY 7PM-8:30PM BLACKFRIDAY@BLACKECON.COM 

Black Fridays is a program designed to allow new or existing businesses to showcase their business and start generating black revenue amongst our business. This helps drive more awareness for your business and also gets you more financial education on exactly what you need to do to really grow and expand your business.