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Fill your personal portfolio with some amazing images. Malory and Nadia are not only beautiful, but will give you dynamic poses. You will understand posing to help you grow your technical abilities to direct anyone. We will shoot in a park with vegetation and a very unique pond. This park has great photo background possibilities . We will use studio lighting outside to over power the sun to create a dramatic fashion look.

In this meet up workshop with the twins, we will uncover technical and simple creative ideas with lighting that can make you a better beauty and fashion photographer on location. Learn to use flash and daylight combined outdoors.

We are novice friendly! As many of the past photographer can tell you, I will be available to all beginners for camera and light adjustments to get perfectly exposed photos. This is a great way to build your portfolio to attract more clients and any talent agencies out there.

The price for the 3 1/2 hour workshop is $85.00.  Models minimum tip is $80 for both. 

Paid in cash the day of the shoot.

You don't want to miss this Workshop. 

Any questions call #313-622-3375