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Let's pick great locations in the area and have a group of photographers take an excursion to shoot pictures and create art. Experienced, budding and beginner photographers are all welcome if you share our passion for photography and for sharing your tips and tricks with fellow group members.

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Upcoming events (3)

Rocket Launch Photography at Wallops Island, VA

Online event

John Krout will be our presenter this session. In this Zoom meet-up, we'll learn about six locations around Wallops Island for photographing launches of rockets to orbit, less than 4 hours away from DC. The Wallops launch facility has been used to launch suborbital up-and-down sounding rockets since the 1950s. Relatively recently, Wallops has been upgraded for launches of supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) and military satellite launches. In the first three months of 2021, another Antares and another Minotaur launch are scheduled at Wallops. You will see some sample launch photos with exposure details, equipment advice, and maps and aerial photos of various photo spots for capturing launches. The next Minotaur launch is scheduled for Jan. 31st.

Outdoor Lightpainting

Lake Braddock Park

This is an opportunity to apply what you learned at our Dec. 7th Lightpainting meetup. Lori Saunders and I will bring a range of different tools and go crazy. You'll have opportunities to shoot. These are not normal times so this is not a normal outdoor meet-up. Only 6 participants will be allowed to sign up (besides Lori Saunders and myself). Everyone WILL wear a mask. No photographer will get closer than 6 feet from anyone else--socially distance at all times. There will be no instruction or help or direction--Lori or I will not come within 10 feet of anyone. Post-Covid we'll do a session outside for people to learn but this session is only for people with the experience and equipment. Accordingly, if you didn't attend the Dec. 7th Intro to Lightpainting MU, you can't attend this meet-up. If you have any light painting tools or props, feel free to bring them. Lori and I will bring a range of different tools. It will be cold so layer, bring hand warmers, and extra batteries. Because only 6 people are being allowed to sign-up, if you sign-up and then drop you need to do so with sufficient advance notice for a wait-listed person to replace you. And if the weather is bad or it is projected to rain, we will cancel.

Get Ready For Fireworks Photography

Online event

Learn all you need to know for taking great photos of fireworks in the DC metro region. Topics include equipment, technique, and even exposure data for several sample photos from the National Park Service fireworks show in DC, the Workhouse fireworks show in Lorton, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival Petalpalooza event in April. During the pandemic in 2020, some shows were cancelled, but the NPS show carried on. John Krout will be our presenter for this online session--he was previously hired by the National Park Service to shoot the NPS 4th of July Fireworks on the Mall.

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