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"Without seeing Sicily you cannot understand Italy: it is first in Sicily that you find the key to everything". Goethe, Palermo 13 April 1787. (Goethe's original text in German > "Italien ohne Sizilien macht gar kein Bild in der Seele: hier ist erst der Schlüssel zu allem").

Ciao! Come meet new amici, taste Sicilian food and learn about the island's wine. Our events and meetings celebrate Sicily, its authentic food, traditions and culture.

Whether you are just curious about Sicily, have been there many times or are planning a trip there, you are welcome. We will share recipes, learn about travel to Sicily, speak Italiano and Sicilianu when possible (but not necessary) and learn about Sicilian flavors.

Sicilians and Sicilian Americans are especially welcome, but the group is open to everyone who shares our passion for la bellissima Sicilia and its food!

un caro saluto

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