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What we’re about


Whom we are: We are the Siddhars, the tradition of yoga mystics of South India. The wisdom and path of the Siddhars is of child like joys and empowering intent of the Sages. Nandhiji facilitates this Spiritual group.

<br> <br> Tell us more of the Siddhars: After waking up to the "I Am" experience, the Siddhar yogis journey beyond to then relate the Spirit to having the human experience by saying , "What If?"- in other words, after waking up and spending years in meditation to digest the light, we wake up to our highest purpose and enable change for humanity and to be at the receiving end of grace each aware breath. This is the actual meaning of tantra- uniting Spirit with human reality. <br> <br> Who can come: If you are seeking the intense liberating practice behind yoga, meditation, tantra and enlightenment, you will find our events transforming, empowering and deeply insightful.

Full Moon Gatherings: Our realities are created by the mind and the mind is influenced by the moon. The Full Moon is the vortex of time to transform and align realities to our inner most needs. In our Full Moon gatherings, we chant powerful but simple Siddhar mantras. We invoke the divine through our sacred fire with the intent of blessing the world and our own realities. Our focus is the lamp light and as a circle of oneness, we bring together our enlightening energies to shift ourselves to higher consciousness and manifest our realities.

Ariven Awakening Workshops are held once a month. This is an inner journey with Nandhiji imparting the ancient potent Siddhar mantras alighting your inner lamp, through the fire ritual (yagna). You will be taught the mystical Kalangi Kundalini Yoga- with the objective that you do your own daily yoga. The final teaching is the powerful Siddhar puja. Nandhiji will serve as a guide to help you understand and attain the mastery of consciousness. This 'workshop' is to initiate the blessings of the Siddhar masters, through stories, through experience and through energies awakened. <br> <br> - Awaken your inner fire through a series of gentle yoga postures along with advanced but simple yogic techniques. <br> <br> - Connect to the ancient lineage of enlightened masters through potent mantras of the mystic circle. <br> <br> - Learn pranayama, bandha, visualization methods to enhance your inner journey. <br> <br> - Do empowered yoga & meditation at home by yourself every day and experience human reality as Spirit, the Master <br> <br> - Awaken to an inspired life of good health, love, abundance and wisdom through the practice of Kalangi Yoga. <br> <br> - Be the Master and make time your slave.

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