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What we’re about

"Grab a beer and geek out with robot cars"

The plan is to meet once a week (probably on Tuesday at the Wedge and Foundation) and test out the cars I have currently built. We can beta test what types of races/ games work with them, and debate the best ways to code out the platform.

These vehicles use Raspberry Pi 4's for compute and have full LAMP stacks. My current code has PHP and Javascript used for the web interface with Python running the actual control systems. Whats amazing is you can install OpenCV to build your own autonomous driving/ task completion system. The possibilities are pretty cool. (But for right now I'm just try to write up the current documentation and parts list).

Anyone can come. You don't have to be a tech professional to race the cars and see what they can do, I'll try to dumb everything down for non tech types, but please realize the tech that makes these work is a lot more complicated than Legos.