What we're about

Our group focuses on anything that is relevant for Java and JVM developers.

Core topics are:
- Anything related to Java
- Other JVM languages such as Scala, Clojure, Groovy...
- Tools that are relevant to all developers such as Docker, Jenkins, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, Spark…

Side topics:
- Client-side Javascript frameworks (because they are commonly used by Java developers)
- Agile methodologies (because they are used on Java/JVM projects)

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Perfecting reliable code delivery for cloud with Microservices and OpenTracing

Details == 7PM: meet for pizzas and mingle == 7.30PM: Brian Benz -Perfecting reliable code delivery for cloud with Microservices and OpenTracing We are happy to host our next meetup at Microsoft and delighted to have Brian Benz. Brian is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, helping Java developers to get the most out of Azure. Before Joining Microsoft, he was a solution architect, consultant, developer, author and presenter at IBM, Deloitte, and other companies. Find him on Twitter @bbenz. == Abstract In this code-heavy, interactive presentation, I’ll describe how to use OpenTracing (http://opentracing.io/­) with Jaeger (https://www.jaegertracing.io/­) and annotations in MicroProfile and other Microservice architectures to reliably improve and deploy updated versions your applications to VMs and Kubernetes in the cloud. Topics include best practices for performance analysis, maintaining delivery pipelines using the Linux command line, plus tips on the best free OpenTracing tools and SDKs available on GitHub. This is a technical talk that will focus on the code ( I don't use slides at meetups). The examples, tools and demos that I show will be applicable to any cloud platform. == Sponsors Our venue and Food will be sponsored by Microsoft.

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