Event-Driven Microservices with CQRS using Axon: excitingly boring

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Allard Buijze is Founder and CTO of AxonIQ. Starting at the age of 6, he has developed a great passion for programming and has guided both large and small organizations in building performant and scalable applications. Now, he is on a mission to make implementations of large scale systems easier, using the concepts of Domain Driven Design, Command-Query Responsiblity Segregation and Event Driven Architectures. He created Axon Framework as an experiment initially, but when both large and organizations started using Axon as a solution to their complexity problems, AxonIQ was born. In September 2019 Axon Framework was downloaded 2,5M times, coming from 1M downloads a year earlier, which makes us very proud.

Through his conviction that good craftsmanship can only be achieved through continuous and intensive exchange of experience with others, Allard is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups and enjoys giving trainings to fellow developers and architects. Allard is also regularly found in board rooms, explaining the concepts and values of DDD, CQRS and EDA to C-level executives.

6.30PM - Pizzas (Sponsored by Axon)

7.00PM - Talk

Microservices, and especially the Event-Driven variants of them are often associated with cool, hard-to-grasp, technologies. Instead of building what really matters to our business, we spend most of our time tweaking and integration different technologies and frameworks. Libraries like Spring Boot are famous for getting you started quickly using their autoconfiguration capabilities. Axon is known for its first-class support for CQRS and Event Sourcing. What happens if you unleash the power of both onto your application?

Through live coding, we’ll see how it becomes trivial to build and scale an event-driven application, even when taking it beyond the basics.

So trivial, that it almost becomes boring….