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Singapore dbt Meetup (in-person) - Mar 2023

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Jingyu and 2 others
Singapore dbt Meetup (in-person) - Mar 2023


dbt Meetups are networking events open to all folks working with data! Talks predominantly focus on community members' experience with dbt, however, you'll catch presentations on broader topics such as analytics engineering, data stacks, data ops, modelling, testing, and team structures.

🗓️ Date and time: 30th March (Thurs), from 6pm till 9pm
🏠 Venue: Hyper Island Asia
🤝 Organizers: community members Jing Yu Lim, Michael Han
🍕 Catering: TBD

To attend, please read the Required Participation Language for In-Person Events with dbt Labs:

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🕛 Agenda:

  • 6:00pm - 7:00pm: Registration and networking with food
  • 7:00pm - 7:30pm: 1st presentation with Q&A (Your data is not static: Snapshots and incremental models for change data capture)
  • 7:30pm - 8:00pm: 2nd presentation with Q&A (Implementing a Data Observability Initiative: a practical case with dbt)
  • 8:00pm - 8:45pm: 3rd presentation with Q&A (How would the ideal Semantic Layer look like?)

🎤 Presentation #1 - Your data is not static: Snapshots and incremental models for change data capture

  • Synopsis: TBD
  • Speaker Bio: Chin Hwee Ong is a senior data engineer and aspiring polymath who happens to have a background in aerospace engineering, computational modelling and business management. As a 90% self-taught programmer with a time-traveling mind, Chin Hwee is currently learning how to design "change-aware" data models in the modern data stack and has a not-so-secret wish of designing a "life versioning system" to keep track of data points in this fast-evolving world.

🎤 Presentation #2 - Implementing a Data Observability Initiative: a practical case with dbt

  • Synopsis: What is data observability, and what does it accomplish? We will walk through our motivation for implementing a data observability initiative, and some examples of practical implementations. Additionally, we will discuss how we are managing cross-functional processes between data producers (e.g. Engineering, Ops) and consumers (e.g. Data, Product).
  • Speaker Bio: TBD

🎤 Presentation #3 - How would the ideal Semantic Layer look like?

  • Synopsis: Are you curious about what the ideal semantic layer would look like for your data analytics needs? Join Thanh from Holistics as he explores the characteristics and benefits of the perfect semantic layer.
    In this talk, we'll delve into the concept of a semantic layer, why it's become essential in today's analytics landscape, and how it can improve efficiency and user experience. We'll also discuss the essential features that an ideal semantic layer should have and how they can help you achieve your data analysis goals. Whether you're a data analyst, engineer, or business user, this talk will provide valuable insights into the world of semantic layers and how they can transform your approach to data analysis.
  • Speaker Bio: Thanh currently works at Holistics Software as Co-founder and Chief Engineer architecting the next generation analytics engineering driven BI platform. Before joining Holistics as co-founder, Thanh had 8 years of experience as software engineer and big-data consultant from multiple companies, notably Revolution Analytics which was acquired by Microsoft in 2015.Thanh graduated from National University of Singapore in 2009 majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Technopreneurship.

dbt is an open source command-line tool that speaks the preferred language of data analysts everywhere—SQL. With dbt, analysts take ownership of the entire analytics engineering workflow, from writing data transformation code to deployment and documentation.

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Singapore dbt Meetup
Singapore dbt Meetup
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