Singing Bowls Concert in Boulder


Hello Everyone,

I am back in CO and planning to give away some Energy Harmonization with Himalayan Singing Bowls for couple of weeks.

As last year the event will be a Energy Harmonization through the music of this ancient instrument that will help us to get back to our state of balance.
In a session of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes we will do some exercises to open the energy channels in our body. We will do a brief meditation and then we continue with the singing bowls harmonization for 50-60 minutes. After we all come back from our relaxation state there will be some time for group integration if needed.

This wonderful music instrument will help you to relax and let go your Ego Mind in order to get into a world of peace, serenity and conscious love towards yourself and your life.

We will be starting at 6.30pm so try to arrive with the time enough to find your space. There are some Yoga Mats in the space but if you desire you can bring your own. I also recommend to bring a little blanket and a small cushion for the head and a sleeping mask if you want to avoid any light.

Where: Intercambio, 4735 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80301
When: Thursday March 8th @ 6.30pm
How much: Suggested donnation is $10
How to book: RSVP to this event

Spaces are limited. So, please book your spot as soon as possible.
See you all at Intercambio in Boulder on Thursday March 8th at 6.30pm!!