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What we’re about

                                Nine years ago I created SMR: The Single Motorcycle Riders.
It's been a fantastic journey! And takes way more time than I'd ever imagined. I'm awarding myself a vacation from meetup to play in the evening; explore, visit, relax, hike, see friends on the weekends, ride for fun, have a vacation, enjoy family... you know, the other stuff of life.  My best to you in safe riding.    -Valerie


Meet other singles with a shared passion to ride.   One of the best ways to see our beautiful Bay Area is on a Motorcycle.  Any bike, any age (over 21, please), any where, any time.   Love to be a passenger..?  Join SMR and find your knight on an iron horse.

It's all about the love of the ride!

PS: Yes, this group is only for people not in a relationship.  You must be a member to join rides and events.  Membership is free and the friendships are priceless!

Double your fun and join our sister site: Friends Moto, open to everyone.   You'll see many of the riders you know and meet new soon-to-be Friends!