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What we’re about

  • Are you exhausted with the highs and lows of online dating apps and culture? (#sh*tshow)
  • Are you spontaneous, looking to do fun things and love to meet new people?
  • Did you know you look your best when you are having fun and being yourself?

If you are hoping to attract a life-changing love and healthy partnership and enjoy connecting meaningfully over conversations and activities that go beyond surface level, come join us, bring a friend and help make our group great! We are going to have fun!

Drinks, happy hour, top golf, axe throwing, live music, good food, and open to suggestions for a fun time!

*This group is for single hetero people in their 40's-50's. Some have asked if they can join if they aren't in their 40's/50's, but otherwise-identify-in-that-age-range. PLEASE Message me directly.

>Not to be used for hookups and soliciting dates but rather for cultivating meaningful connections. Whether you find a love connection or not, please bring your best self, be respectful and have good manners. What grows from there is a blessing.

**Please read: Do not spam the group, send unsolicited messages, or sexually harass group members. Creepy behavior isn't tolerated and I will awkwardly and directly ask you to leave. You will be reported, removed and banned. Members, please promptly report unwanted behaviors.**