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What we’re about

We are gay, bi, queer, and trans men in the San Francisco Bay Area who are single, looking for long-term relationships, and awesome to be with!  If that’s you too, won’t you join us?

We take turns suggesting and organizing a variety of events in San Fran and East Bay to meet one another in spaces that might feel familiar or be out of our comfort zone, such as: attending local arts events or outdoor festivals; potluck meals or board games at someone’s home; urban hikes or nature hikes; yoga classes or dance parties; online speed dating or movie watching or book discussion; and so much more, all with both structured and unstructured opportunities for large-group and one-on-one interactions.  Take a chance, come with an open heart and mind, and make some new friends in addition to finding new guys to date!

We reflect and value diversity, inclusion, community, and justice, especially by race and age, in our Meetup and beyond, and we strive to model the kind of loving, compassionate, respectful, and nurturing relationships that we deserve in all parts of our lives.  As such, we hope that everyone will love hanging out with one another, but we also hope that everyone won’t be single for much longer!