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San Diego Single Parent Meetup (SDSPM) Policies & Disclaimers
Updated October 2018 by the SDSPM Leadership Team

Safeguarding Policy
If you have any concerns about your safety or the safety of your children, please contact local authorities first to make sure that you are safe, then inform the Meetup Leadership. Be proactive.
SDSPM is committed to providing a safe environment for single parents and children during Meetup events. The SDSPM Leadership Team takes reasonable measures to confirm that Members are single parents living in San Diego county within the resources that is available. Ultimately, each Member is responsible for their own safety, and the safety of their children during events. Please use standard precautions when sharing information and meeting Members outside of SDSPM Meetup events. Be safe.
If a Member acts in an inappropriate manner during a SDSPM Meetup event The Event Host has the power to remove the member in question then reach out to the leadership team to discuss the reasoning. If you have any concerns about a Member with regards to safety, please inform one of the SDSPM Leadership Team immediately. The SDSPM Leadership Team will discuss your concerns or allegations with you and among themselves (“conflict dispute”). Confidentiality of all parties will be respected during the review. The SDSPM Leadership Team will determine appropriate next steps. We strive to address conflicts within one week of notification. The SDSPM Leadership Team, at their sole discretion, has the ability to modify, suspend, or terminate a Member’s access to SDSPM. Be responsible.

Events Policy and Cross-Posting
We organize a broad range of Meetups which are either family-friendly or parents-only events across San Diego county. Activity types, attendees, times, and locations which support a single parent family-friendly lifestyle should be considered when scheduling events. Members shall not schedule similar events in similar locales at the same time which would draw from the same audience. Meetups with any content other than the social gathering (that involve giving advice or providing professional help in any kind) are to be discussed with the SDSPM Leadership Team before posting, otherwise it will be at risk of being canceled. No meetups of political or religious nature are allowed. Be thoughtful.
Politics is a touchy subject and can be seen in many different ways, and it can be perceived in many ways that can lead to in wanted conflict between members, so no meetups that is political in nature!
To protect the privacy of all our members, there will be NO CROSS-POSTING with any other meetups or social media. Similarly, inviting non-member guests to a Meetup is prohibited when children are present and are highly discouraged for adults-only events; requests for exceptions will be handled case-by-case. Be confidential.
No inviting members from our group to join any other groups, otherwise you are putting yourself in the risk to let go without warning!!

Photo & Video Policy
Members sometimes take photos and videos at our Meetups. Images may be used at Members’ discretion, including being posted within our Meetup (private) and Facebook (closed) pages. If you would prefer that you or your child(ren) are not photographed or recorded, inform the Event Host, and you do not need to participate in the group’s or candid photos. If a Member takes your photo that you do not want shared, please let the other Member and the Event Host know and they will delete your photo. If you have any concerns about this, please reach out to SDSPM Leadership. Be respectful.

No discrimination Policy
SDSPM does not discriminate against nor will tolerate discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, genetic information, gender identity or expression, nationality, marital status, race or ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and veteran or military status. Nudity, inappropriate attire, offensive language and profanity are prohibited in SDSPM titles, descriptions, photos, or in any other area that is publicly promoted or viewable in the Meetup. Be inclusive.

Event Payment Policy
SDSPM may host events for which donations are needed, may secure special discount pricing for tickets or events, or may organize group travel. Donations, tickets, passes or other fees should be paid for in advance via the methods requested by the event organizer. Payments are non-refundable (except for rare and extenuating-circumstance cancellations that may be refundable if logistics allow). Items may be transferable, but Members should contact that specific SDSPM meetup organizer for details before assuming such. Be savvy.

Risk/Liability Disclaimer
SDSPM events are attended at a Member’s own risk. Members are responsible for their child(ren) during events. Other SDSPM Members, the SDSPM Leadership Team, nor are not responsible nor liable for injuries, illness, abuse, harm or damages that occur. Be careful.

Privacy & Data Protection Policy
Members and the SDSPM Leadership Team shall be mindful of privacy and shall not share private information that belongs to other Members. Exception: SDSPM Leadership will share information between the SDSPM Leadership Team during conflict disputes. Posting other Member’s private information without their written consent is prohibited. Be confidential.
SDSPM only collects, stores or uses the minimum of personal data needed for communications and verifying membership eligibility. Members may reach out to the SDSPM Leadership Team to address any privacy or data collection concerns. Be communicative.

Membership Requests by Exes
In case a member's exes requests to join the group (which is out of our control), but to avoid any kind of hostilities, the existing member gets the chance to approve or deny their ex's request, and the final decision to accept will be made upon the organizer's discretion!

Views Expressed Disclaimer
Opinions and views expressed by SDSPM Members are theirs only and not that of SDSPM, the SDSPM Leadership Team, nor \

It might be your right.
You might have done it before with your kids!
But absolutely not acceptable in front of the kids or within the area where the meetup event is held.
You will be removed Immediately!!