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What we’re about

Society thinks introverts are socially awkward, boring, and don't enjoy conversing with others. That is far from the truth.

We are people who re-charge by spending time with ourselves, enjoy peace, and find happiness in quieter environments. We prefer smaller intimate groups filled with meaningful conversations over energizing, loud, and large groups. I've always categorized myself as a "social introvert" because even though I have qualities of a classic introvert, I do enjoy socializing and having meaningful conversations. The goal is to encourage single introverts like ourselves to get out of our homes and form some new connections and to form our own community.

Even though we prefer smaller intimate groups, this group's purpose is to meet new people who share the same personality types. Our events aim to happen every month and are held at venues that can accommodate a large amount of people. We look for an environment that is casual, chill, and a place of flexibility. I'd rather have as many come as they'd like than create a limitation of 10 each time. It is also difficult to manage since the percentage of no-shows at meetups are taken into account. I make the environment as comfortable as possible for you and so far, the large group is not too overwhelming since everyone breaks off into their own intimate groups as well. We hope you join us, but do understand if that is not your scene!

Note: age range is 20-50 with average in mid 20s-30s