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What we’re about

Are you looking for Networking Opportunities and Referral Partners? Are you a "Solo-Preneur" and wish you had some buddies you can talk business with? Finally there is a group for professionals that is networking several times each week. All you have to do is show up and get yourself some coffee...

Business Networking for Professionals.

Sip & Socialize is our personal network of friends and professionals - not a business club or organization.

Our daytime and evening events are business and social networking events for professionals, held at relaxed but stylish locations. No formal agenda, they are designed to make it easy to make new business contacts and new friends. Dress business casual. Strictly business - professional conduct.

The venues we are meeting at change frequently. We meet in the Seattle/Bellevue area.

Always bring plenty of business cards to our events. We frequently organize events attended by well over 100 guests.

Our philosophy

Build lasting relationships and connections by adding value to the lives of others without asking for anything in return. We believe that your business will grow naturally over time if you focus on building relationships and not "selling".

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

Cross-posting with other Meetups,

Facebook, LinkedIn and other Networking Groups

We are building a large network of professionals - not only here on Meetup. All of our events are always cross-posted with multiple other professional networking groups. Expect to meet more than just this group's RSVPs.


Regular attendance is not required, but ensures the most referrals. The better the other members know you, the easier it is for them to refer business to you.


Don't forget to RSVP so someone can get a hold of you, even if they have lost your business card. It also helps creating momentum for our events and will result in higher attendance.

New friends welcome!

Professionals - Entrepreneurs and Executives. Due to the large size we have grown into, we now limit the number of MLM representatives and Financial Services professionals that we will admit to our network.

Group Profile with Picture

Since this group represents our personal network we ask you to introduce yourself and your business with an online group profile. Answering a few questions about yourself and a head shot that shows your face is required to join this group. Yes, a real picture of your face! No logos, drawings, pictures of your pet or favorite flower vase (!?! Seriously, somebody actually did that!), and no pictures with sun glasses please! Your profile information is safe and only visible to members of this group.

Building Your Network

Again, this is a private group of our circle of friends and it's up to our discretion to accept or reject your request to join. We may personally introduce you to our network, but it's really up to you to reach out and build relationships with the people you meet at our events.

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