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What we’re about

Have you found it difficult to meet new and healthy friends as you age? Do you wish to connect with positive and likeminded women to develop meaningful friendships that does not involve competition, flakiness or pettiness! Then this is the group for you! My vision is to develop a strong network of beautiful, intelligent and strong women that can have fun, network, and relax with each other! My only requirement is that you be committed to put in the time and effort in contributing positively in this group and have genuine intentions of meeting your new BFF or BFF crew !
Because this has become a common question the age range for this group is open for all. Currently members range from 20s to 50s with the highest concentration being mid thirties to early to mid 40s

We now have a group text option. If you are looking to meetup outside of planned events or just check in with us then you should definitely join. It is my hopes for us to engage more to develop real friendships! You're invited to my new group 'Sistergirls DMV'. Inbox me for the details

Once you join; introduce yourself by stating your name, location, and favorite activity!

Update: if you reserve an event that requires a deposit those deposits are generally non refundable from the facility meaning I can no longer offer refunds since it comes directly from my pocket . There is always a chance someone on the waitlist can take your spot but you must coordinate this! Thank you for understanding 😘