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What we’re about

The purpose of this group is to gather a community with skating aficionados, enjoy skating in a group, learn a few tips and tricks from veteran skaters and motivate fellow and potentially new skaters (like me! :-). All in all, meet up with such like minded people in the East (and potentially beyond)!
- Join if You own your own pair of roller blades/roller skates/skateboard/any invention upon wheels that can help you to ride along with the group.
- Join if you are missing roller skating and would like to contribute in building a community to enjoy this with.
- Join to promote more skating :-)
- Join to meet new people, and or share your skills!
At Skate bEAST events we will try to get a bit of a workout (staying on our feet), discover the best routes for uninterrupted skating; when the community grows we will also try to organise technical skill based events to help fellow skaters improve their skills with professionals.
Stay connected during lockdown, roll together xxxx