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Ski Freaks,

Unfortunately, I had to miss the 20/21 ski season, due to a pandemic related state of emergency at work then. Now that vaccines and booster shots are available for all my co-workers, I'm free to run ski trips again for this 21/22 season. For the record I've had three shots so far.

Earlier today, Sunday December 19th 2021, the webcams showed there was no snow at Whitetail, our usual local hangout. As of this evening at 11pm, they are finally making snow. It'll be at least a couple weeks before they're worth skiing.

Seven Springs is actually open, but conditions are a mess. All things considered, I'll be holding off until probably January for local trips.

For those that are new, I run a very casual ski group. For local day trips, I basically operate a carpool to Whitetail or Roundtop. Everyone pays their fair share for gas. For weekend trips, usually Seven Springs, we add cheap motels into the mix. Typically we'll each have our own room, unless good friends on a trip decide to split costs there too. I typically post "events" for these trips less than a week beforehand, depending very strongly on the weather and likely slope conditions.

Later in the season I'll be skiing big mountains out west, like Vail or Snowmass. I usually arrange these with a small group of advanced-level skiers before posting them. Frankly, as this group is not a for-profit venture, such trips simply require too much planning and work to bring people I've not been able to vet. So join me on one of my local trips, and we'll discuss such adventures there, if you're up for it.

Many veteran Ski Freaks probably remember other trip leaders. They've moved elsewhere in the country, and since carpooling obviously is not an option as such, they no longer run trips. However, they do still join me on the slopes when I'm closer to where they've moved too. So you never know, you just may bump into them again.

As always, stay stoked, and think snow! And on that note, I've included some GoPro footage from my last ski trip. Enjoy!

Organizer and Founder,
James Beatty