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What we’re about

"Greeting and well met fellow "Tamrieliens" or Followers of the 9 Divines!" We are a group of Fans of both Skyrim, Skyrim mods, Skyrim mod authoring, and a tiny bit of all Elder scrolls and Bethesda games. The mutual purpose of this group is to meet up with any and all types of activities that promote the interest of our theme and sometimes to get together, just to chat about it, and also, of course, to have fun!
We will meet mostly in person now that Covid circumstances are a bit safer, but we will meet remotely if ever necessary. (Also if the general consensus strongly prefers mutual Covid vaccine compliance, we will require common proof at all functions.)
One of the main policies of the group, supported by the team of leaders is to always believe in companionate and fair treatment of all members, and Communication! One new update, please have a recent headshot photo and a non-fictitious name on your profile.