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Salt Lake Oasis is a community of reason and compassion. It is for those who believe that people are more important than beliefs and that human hands solve human problems. Here, those who have left dogmatism behind can find social support, learn about interesting topics, celebrate the human experience, and give back to the community. Salt Lake Oasis holds weekly Sunday gatherings at 11:00 am at the Sugar Space Arts Warehouse on 132 South 800 West in Salt Lake City, which includes live music, coffee & socializing, and top-notch speakers followed by Q&A.
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Oasis is a growing network of secular communities with locations in Houston, Kansas City, Layton Utah, Provo Utah, Toronto, Salt Lake City and Galveston Texas.


We are guided by core values, which define our communities. They shape our interactions with each other, society and the world.

At Oasis, we think:

People are More Important Than Beliefs
Throughout history beliefs, dogmas, and ideologies have divided people and have been the source of wars, persecution, and other conflicts.  The Oasis movement values the well-being of people over any abstract belief, dogma, theology, or philosophy.  Our common humanity is enough to bind us together in meaningful community.  (And, yes, we are fully aware that this is also a belief—but we’re just fine with a little irony in our lives!)

Reality is Known Through Reason
Most religions claim to have special insight into the nature of reality on the basis of revelations given by supernatural beings.  As a secular movement, the Oasis communities are committed to exploring and understanding reality on the basis of empirical evidence and rational discourse.

Human Hands Solve Human Problems
The challenges facing humanity are largely created by humans themselves. We don’t wait for divine intervention.  If the world is to become a better place for all people; it is up to us to make it happen through our collective wisdom, resources, and efforts.

Meaning Comes from Making a Difference
Oasis communities do not exist only to satisfy the needs of their members or perpetuate the Oasis movement. Rather, Oasis communities are committed to service projects and civic engagement that improve the lives of others locally, nationally, and internationally.

Be Accepting and Be Accepted
Oasis communities strive to be places of acceptance for all people.  We embrace and celebrate humanity in all its diversity and we foster an environment of compassion and kindness without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and family structure.

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