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What we’re about

We are all here to play tennis and have a great time.  We welcome everyone who wants to play.  Skill levels are all over the place.  If you are a true beginner than we would suggest you to take lessons.  Some of the players here are very helpful for beginners but for the most part its recommended that you have a skill level of at least 2.0.   On average the skill level in the group seems to be about 3.0-3.5.  That doesnt mean you won't find 4.0+ on here for a higher level of game.  

If your looking for lessons email the organizers in the group and we will help you find instructors.  We have great contacts for instructors and they will give you a great deal on some group/private lessons for being part of the Tennis Club Meetup.  

This meetup is currently free but will accept donations to cover dues.  You decide what its worth to you.