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What we’re about

Hello Everyone. Welcome to SLOVAKATION group. Follow us on Instagram to see our adventures.

This group is open to all, who like the nature, hiking, being outdoors and to those who want to meet new friends and at the same time they want to explore Slovakia. 

Anyway. I´m Martin. Founder and guide of SLOVAKATION Travel Company. I´m trying to bring more attention to Slovakia, because in my opinion it deserves more attention than it gets.

Why am I doing this? Because seeing how people enjoy the hikes, views and actually the entire trip, makes me really happy and I have a feeling that I do something meaningful and I know that Slovakia has a lot to offer. I don´t want it to sound like a cliche, but it´s just truth.

You can read what other travellers said about the trips with us in TESTIMONIALS.

It all had started about 10 years ago, when I was a student at the secondary school. I participated in an exchange program with students from Belgium. At first our class visited Belgium and a few weeks after, they came to visit us in Slovakia. We travelled together with the Belgian students throughout Slovakia and they were really amazed by what they found here. At that time I was thinking about, what a pity it is, that there are not more travellers coming from abroad to see my country.

Years later, when I studied at the university, I was thinking about my future and about what kind of job would make me happy and satisfied. And suddenly an idea of being outdoors and showing my country to travellers from abroad appeared. It seemed like a perfect plan to me. And now I can say, it was a really a good plan.

Where are Meetups going to be held?
Meetups will be held in the most popular and most beautiful Slovak national parks (the High and Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise) as well as less popular, but still fascinating national parks (Small and Great Fatra mountains). In all those mountain ranges I want to show you my most favourite places, worth of visiting.

How does it actually work?
I will suggest the most favourable flight connection to Slovakia for every event. Usually it is a flight with a low cost airlines either to Poprad-Tatry Airport, Krakow or Bratislava. It depends on the particular event.
I will always wait for you at one of those airports and take you to the accommodation. At dinner I will always let you know, what is the program of the following day and inform you about the details of the hike. The weather forecast must be taken into account.

The group will usually consist of maximum 18 members, including me and another guide. The members will be from different countries.

Who should join the group?
Every easy-going traveller, willing to come out of the comfort zone, who loves the nature, mountains, travelling and who wants to explore Slovakia. If it´s not a problem to walk 15+ km and ascend 500+ meters a day for you, this is a right group to be.
Looking forward to see you in Slovakia in 2019
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me:


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