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What we’re about

Running a business is hard work. But we love it because we're, well... a little different. We wouldn't be satisfied with anything less. But that doesn't mean we don't want or need a little help every now and then. The Seattle Small Business Meetup is here to provide that support.

Whether you need to talk to someone else who understands your challenges, pick up tips for running your business, get advice from an expert, or just socialize a bit with others like you, this Meetup is what you've been looking for. The Seattle Small Business Meetup is a great place to make those important business contacts that will help you succeed. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you've launched your dream business yet.

Our meetings and events are casual. Before each monthly networking event, there's typically a workshop with a guest speaker presentation about a particular challenge currently faced by small business owners, followed by Q&A's. Topics will be announced in advance. Members are welcome to attend both the workshop and the networking event, or just one. Please invite any friends interested in workshop topics to join our Meetup.