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In response to the fast growing and changing Space Exploration environment, our SmallSats MeetUp has rebranded itself as a Space Research Fellowship to develop Open Source Simulation Software to complement our challenging and lucrative Space industry.

This is an opportunity for the Aerospace Engineer to get programming experience, and for the Software Developer to get Aerospace experience, and for both to learn of Astrodynamics and Physics from professionals in those fields.

Currents of Space is our exciting project to develop a 'flock' of interplanetary spacecraft that will collaboratively gather scientific data about our Solar System, from cislunar space to interplanetary space. The first phase is the development of a simulation of the spacecraft and their trajectories. This simulation will evolve up to and including the actual development of the SmallSats (e.g. 3U) type spacecraft.

(Please be sure to correctly answer all the questions when you register.)

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