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What we’re about

SMART BUSINESS LEAGUE (SBL) is an exclusive community where innovative entrepreneurs, powerful business leaders, and geniuses gather to share, learn, and build transformative business ideas. The league's mission is to unite the greatest minds in business and technology under one platform to end generational poverty through entrepreneurship and transformative innovation. To achieve this, we're inviting everyone whose reading this description to join our diverse and passionate community to help create the next generation of businesses and startups. 

League Events

Starting after the Holidays SBL will host monthly, quarterly and annual events designed to help you start and grow your business. Our community workshop events will be open free to the public and will include a variety of different speakers from technology, healthcare, education, Oil & Gas, finance, startup and more.

How to Join the League

Anyone who joins the SMART BUSINESS LEAGUE MEETUP is officially an introductory member and can attend all our community events, workshops, and private training events.

Why Are Members Of The League Called Geniuses?

One of the League's most sacred principles is everyone has value, and within that value lies the potential genius. We can all of our members' geniuses because we believe in them, and their potential to create incredible things to change the world.

Contact Information

To get in touch with organizers or SBL leadership, please send an email to

The History of the Group: This Meetup was formerly called Minority Business Challengers and was founded in 2008. Khufere Qhamata, founder and chair of the SMAART INCUBATOR,  and the strategic consultancy LEAP72 acquired this group in November to form the SMART BUSINESS LEAGUE