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Body Deva Mini Deep Dive with Aleya Dao

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*** Special Event ***

with Aleya Dao here from Santa Barbara

Saturday, November 19th

10 am - 1:30 pm

Cost - $65 at the door! pre-register for $60 Includes free week of meditations!

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Last Class was sold out! Limited Seating!

This intensive will focus on awakening, enlightening, and empowering the body consciousness.

• Empower and awaken your body
• Heal body pain
• Increase self-control
• Amplify self-love in the body
• Increase your connection with your body
• Ride in the body in an empowered and connected way
• Help your body let go of issues and heal old wounds
• Release aging as the mechanism for awakening
• Clear ancestral body issues
• Heal birth trauma and trauma from previous incarnations

The more awake and empowered your body is the healthy, happier, and more supported you will be.

Aleya Dao is a spiritual guide, sound healer and energetic practitioner. Her book and meditations, Seven Cups of Consciousness show you how to use your inner world and the higher realms to change your life.

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More Info about Aleya:

I am a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, a sound healer, energy practitioner, spiritual guide, Reiki Master, and a Craniosacral practitioner.

I began my journey as a healer at a young age. In 1993 at the age of 21 I graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in Portland, Oregon and began my private practice. In 1994 I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English from Lewis and Clark College.

In 1997 I graduated with a Master's degree in Oriental Medicine from The Southwest Acupuncture School in Santa Fe, New Mexico and moved to Telluride, Colorado where I started my Acupuncture practice.

In 2001 I had an enlightenment experience that enabled me to work with people at a much deeper level which led me to establish the first holistic clinic in Telluride known as The Healing Company.

In 2003 I opened my energy healing practice in Santa Barbara and Clovis, California. I currently have an international Private Practice ( with offices in Clovis and Carpinteria, California.

I have the ability to see the unseen. My mastery is in having the capacity to perceive why people have created specific situations in their lives and what they are attempting to learn from these circumstances. I faciliate healing shifts by working in the Higher Realms (

I teach all over the country inspiring and guiding individuals and groups into greater degrees of empowerment, abundance, and health by using the "Seven Principles" ( that I have come to call the "Seven Cups of Consciousness".

In 2015 I wrote and published my #1 Best-selling book, "Seven Cups Of Consciousness - Change Your Life By Connecting To The Higher Realms" (

I have six Sound-Healing Albums (, including "Awaken" (, "Oming With Whales And Aleya" (, "Sound Medicine" (, "In Stillness" (, "Light Body Sound Healing" (, and my most recent release, "Aleya's Lullabies" (

I live blissfully with my husband Doug Noll and my dog ( in Carpinteria, CA and also in our home in the Sierra Nevada.

I paddle board for fun and the dolphins swim next to me as I tone. I live a simple, quiet life. My greatest passion and joy is to share tools for growth and evolution, alleviate needless suffering, and bring happy tones and giggles to all that I do.


*I am a tiny computer technology geek and love gear.

My Live Tele-Video TALL Cups and Deep Dive Sessions

I use the service DaCast for my video streaming and Free Conference Call ( for the telephone service for conference calls.

My Water Sound Table

I built the table myself and put speakers under it.

I ordered the water bladder from Vinyl Technologies in Monrovia, CA.

More About The Sound Table (

Audio Recordings

Step 1 - Be in a totally silent space. I have a meditation sound room.

Step 2 - I use the Apollo Twin interface and a CAD E100S microphone. I record in 24 bit, .wav format (for the geeks out there).

Step 3 - I take the recording directly into Logic on my Mac, unless I am working with my silly and hilarious Master Sound Engineer Robinson Eikenberry, or my music-guru pianist, George Friedenthal. They use Logic and Pro Tools.

If I am traveling and I need to do a recording I do it with my RO9HR Edirol Recorder ( and a high-end lavaliere microphone from Sweetwater. The Edirol is a smaller and lighter recorder and easier to travel with in our tiny little plane (RV6). (Both my husband and I are licensed pilots, but he is a much better pilot.)

- See more at: (