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Divine Openings Enlightenment Initiation & Healing Circle

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To be enlightened is to be free from all forms of suffering, addiction, and ignorance. Divine Openings is the fastest yet safest path to enlightenment. These enlightenment initiation sessions have the power to initiate or accelerate the process of enlightenment by:

Opening your seven major energy centers so that any emotional blockages stuck in your energy and physical body can naturally move out leading to an increased flow of Divine energy through all the chakras. Some refer to this as the rising or uncoiling of kundalini, a Sanskrit term that means “coiled.” Others may refer to it as being "touched by the Holy Spirit" or “kundalini awakening.” Kundalini is a dense coiled red, yin energy that sits at the base of our spine restricting the flow of energy through our chakras. As it rises through each chakra, all emotional issues and karmic patterns from current and past lives related to that chakra are released. Issues that you may or may not be aware of surface for a complete mental, emotional and spiritual detoxification. Divine Openings also opens the crown chakra so that golden, yang kundalini energy can come down through the crown and unite with the red kundalini to stabilize the awakening process. Divine, clear, radiant kundalini energy is also activated and emerges first from the heart chakra and then from each of the other chakras which safely and permanently initiates and accelerates the process of enlightenment.

with Ngoc Luzardo
Divine Openings Giver & Healer
Holistic Health Practitioner & Medical Intuitive
Life/Health/Spiritual Coach
Ordained Holistic Minister
Inspirational Speaker & Writer (
Co-Founder of Ardent Light (

2.5 hour session includes:

Intention Blessing Kundalini Yoga & Sufi Spine Warm-Ups The Five Rites (Tibetan Yoga) - please bring a yoga mat and blanket Chakra Fire Breathing Circle Divine Mother Hug Divine Opening Divine Physical Healing Membership in an Online Book Study Discussion Group Learn more at: