What we're about

Snacks & Hacks Amsterdam are coding-oriented meetups, brought to you by the data experts at Anchormen. During these Meetups we explore the newest data engineering tools, languages, models and frameworks in an open environment with like-minded people. We do nothing more, and nothing less, than introducing you to the newest technology, providing a playground with assignments, and the opportunity for you to play around while enjoying pizza and drinks.

Everyone with a knack for data (engineering, science, ML) is welcome to come and try new things, learn, and share knowledge - join the Snacks & Hacks Amsterdam Meetup Community!

(!) Be Warned - No presenters, or hour long presentation - just you and fellow Data, ML and AI enthusiasts trying out new tooling and packages in a more dev' atmosphere. (!)

Past events (5)

One step closer to predicting movement: Testing the power of OpenPose

Pedro de Medinalaan 11

Genetic Algorithms

Pedro de Medinalaan 11

Transfer Learning with BERT


Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) with TFGAN (TensorFlow)

Pedro de Medinalaan 11