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What we’re about

The Sneaky Tiki Ukulele Jam and Social Club of San Diego is FUN group of positive, music-loving people who all share the common interest of their love for the Ukulele and the lifestyle around it.

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Sneaky Tiki is an Adult group. While we are family friendly, our social events are designed for adults.

Our events are all based around our common love of the Ukulele and the "Tiki" Lifestyle.
The Tiki Lifestyle is based on having fun, learning, and building life-long friendships through our ukulele community

What Types of events do we promote?

  • Fun Ukulele Play-along Meetups
  • Workshops and Classes on How to Play the Ukulele
  • Flash Mobs and Social get togethers

We will play songs from a number of genres and styles. Singers welcome!
Come and be part of our Ukulele community. We have regular Meetups, events, workshops and classes. This is a fun group!

About the Sneaky Tiki Meetup:

We currently have a Monthly Meetup held on the Third Wednesday of the Month.
From 6 pm to 9 pm.

We meet at Fast Times Bar & Restaurant:

Fast Times | 3065 Clairemont Drive, San Diego, CA 92117
619-642-0338 |

What to expect at Sneaky Tiki:

We recommend to get there early. Our event is popular and you will want to get a seat!
The official start time is 6pm PST. You arrive, order your food and have some social time with your TIKI friends.

At 6:30pm the Ukulele Play-along starts and runs until 9pm.
We play songs from our Secret Sneaky Tiki Tune Book and have plenty good clean Tiki Fun along the way.

KEV leads the meetup and we have the Tiki Band onstage. We have extra vocal mics on stage and encourage Tikis to come onstage and sing with their friends. At the beginning of the event Fae (our amazing Tiki volunteer) walks around with the song list and encourages people to pick songs to sing on stage. KEV calls off names and songs from the sign-up sheet and invites you up to the stage. It's always crazy fun!


1. What type of music does the group play?
We have a wide selection of music in our Secret Sneaky Tiki Tunebook.
We do Classic Rock, Blues, Folk, Blue Grass, Pop Music, Funk Music, 30's & 40's Jazz, Country Music and more. Our Tunebook Tunes are selected by requests by the Tikis in our membership.

2. Do you charge to attend Sneaky Tiki?
We ask members to donate a minimum of $5 into the Tiki Tip jar at the event. This VERY minimal donation helps pay for the costs of the Meetup. Usually one of the Tikis will grab the Tip Jar and go from table to table so you can donate.

We are a Social Group. Out Goals are to have fun, play ukulele and support our Ukulele Community and the businesses that support us. For this reason WE EXPECT our members to support the venue and buy food and drinks while you are there. We know times are hard for many - especially now. Remember the Venues are struggling too.

3. How do I get the music for the Play-along?
Our Tunebook changes often. Each month we will a post a link to the latest Tunebook with the current song list for the event in the Meetup event description.

4. How do I use Interactive PDF?
The absolute best way is to view your Sneaky Tiki Tunebook is from your iPad or Tablet.
You can also use your phone too but the charts are very small and hard to read.

You click and download the latest Interactive Sneaky Tiki Tunebook PDF from the link in the Meetup Event page and save it to to be used interactively on your device or manually printer and put in a binder.
If you have an iPad go to the Apple App Store and download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once you have the Adobe Reader App you can save the Tiki Tunebook into it and you will have access to it with or without a Wireless Connection.

Our downloadable tunebook is interactive. You simply click the song title and the Songsheet for that song opens. To get back to the TOC (song list) click around the Top Left corner of any page. Easy Peasy!

5. Do I need to be good on the ukulele in order participate at Sneaky Tiki?
No! You don't even need to play at all. Just have fun! The ONLY competition at Snealy Tiki is for about who can have the MOST FUN!

6. How do I learn all those songs in the SneakyTiki TuneBook.
We have weekly ONLINE Ukulele classes, workshops, The Awsome Uke Tiki Nation YouTube Channel, A podcast on Apple Music and Spotify and more. Details, class schedule, registration and testimonials can be found at

7. Do you play Hawaiian music at this Meetup?
No. We might play songs like Over The Rainbow by IZ, however we do not play any traditional Hawaiian music.
We are not a culturally biased Meetup. We believe EVERYONE should be welcome regardless of skin color or race.
We play almost exclusively songs sung in the common English language so everyone can enjoy, understand and play songs together.

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