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💥So Choir! has morphed into So VIRTUAL Choir! (http://www.sochoir.co.uk/virtual-choir)💥 Since we can’t get everyone together in person right now, we’ve brought our ridiculously fun So Choir! Bar Choirs online for 2020! 💻

🤔What is So Choir!?🤔

So Choir! short for Social Choir, is THE cool fun singing group for everyone and anyone. We get together each week for a drink and learn to sing great pop and rock hits together in spine-tingling choir harmony. We don't care if you’ve never sung before or feel you can’t sing very well (or at all!) because, there are no auditions, no sheet music, no big commitment or stuffy rules and you’ll never have to sing on your own. In fact, forget everything that comes to mind when you think "choir", because So Choir! couldn’t be more different! 🥳

🤔How does So VIRTUAL Choir! work?🤔

All you need is a computer / smartphone / tablet to join a So VIRTUAL Choir! Zoom meetup. Each week, we’ll send you the info and details you need to log in to our online events. 📧 You join your chosen session, get a copy of the lyrics and become part of So VIRTUAL Choir!. You choose to join a group of highs, mids or lows and together, bit by bit, we have an absolute blast assembling the song in awesome harmony! 🤘

🤔When are So VIRTUAL choir! sessions?🤔

There are two Zoom sessions to choose from each week…Tuesday and Wednesday nights, 8pm – 9:30pm. Just let us know which night suits you best and we’ll allocate you to your chosen session.

We run roughly in line with Uni / School terms to keep it simple! 😎

We blend live instruments, with our legendary custom-made harmony arrangements to make musical awesomeness! There is no membership or joining fee - its just £7 for a whole night of So Choir! 👍

📼 So VIRTUAL Choir! Videos 📼

Our YouTube videos are on fire! 🔥 They’re open to everyone, free to take part in, and feature the songs from our sessions. So VIRTUAL Choir! is making HEAPS of new friends, not just in the UK, but all over the world! 🌍

There’s a whole bunch of new videos coming up to get involved in too! 🎬

Make sure you follow us on social media and you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/sochoir?sub_confirm)!

👉 YES - EPIC Singalongs with friends, family, pets…

👉 YES - a metric tonne of hilariousness…

👉YES - awesome songs, jams (and probably a few guilty pleasures too)…

👉NO - Diving, Bombing, Inflatables, Heavy Petting

👉YES - Bottomless Margaritas from your own pool bar 🍹

All served up in with a healthy dose of hair-brained craziness from NIC, smouldering looks / hat wearing from STU plus weapons-grade insanity from JOEY!

💥 You need to register to attend our sessions. Register & more info 👉 http://www.sochoir.co.uk/virtual-choir 💥

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💥 So VIRTUAL Choir! 💥 - FREE Video Session!

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💥 So VIRTUAL Choir! 💥 - Wed 24th Feb!

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💥 So VIRTUAL Choir! 💥 - Wed 3rd Feb!

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💥 So VIRTUAL Choir! 💥 - Wed 3rd Feb!

Online event

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