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Set Your Financial Focus And Strategy With Confidence, Using Life Changing Lessons And Exclusive Insights From A Community Of Seasoned Industry Leaders.

What You Will Learn…

1. A Guide To Financial Freedom: Pay Less Interest, Taxes, Become Debt-Free, And Retire On Your Terms.

2. Life Lessons About Money They Should’ve Taught In High School (But Don’t, And Never Will) And Why.

3. Banking Products You’re Totally Using The Wrong Way, And The Banks Are Getting Paid.

4. Learn The Exact Strategy To Making Money In Real Estate Right Away.

5. Learn How To Find The Best And Most Profitable Investments To Generate Steady Income.

6. See Why People, Just Like Yourself, Are Making Lot Of Money And Having A Ton Of Success Using Our Real Estate Education Group.

7. Meet And Learn From Other Successful Real Estate Investors And Professionals.

8. Some Practical Thoughts On How To Monetize Your Efforts (Or Free Time).

9. How To Quit Your Job, Create Your Own Paradise, And Get Paid To Show And Tell Others.

10 ...and a whole lot more!

Make The Decision Today To Fight For Your Money, Stop Living Your Life Making A Living, And Start Making Money While Living And Loving Life!

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"Earn it While you LEARN it! Here's How to Get Paid To Lean The REI Business !"


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Have you seen investors buying houses in your area and wondered how to get started in real estate investing yourself?

At DC-REIA, during our Real Estate Investing 101 session, you will discover:

• How to Find Investment Properties in DC, P.G. NOVA and Baltimore City

• The BEST WAY to Buy Investment Property

• Secrets of Wholesale Real Estate Investing

In addition, we will cover numerous exit strategies from Flipping to Buy/Hold to apartment house investments.

There will be time for networking and Q & A after the specific topics are covered, and a chance to participate in the Deal Maker's Workshop, including real estate basics from investment property real estate agents, and how to use our real estate investment software (FREE) LISTINGBOOK. The Deal Maker's workshop starts at 7:00 PM (NOTE TO ATTEND THE DEAL MAKER'S WORKSHOP YOU MUST ATTEND THE 6:30 PM GETTING STARTED SESSION) Therefore, WE MUST START ON TIME.

(Please note that doors open at 6:00, and out of respect for those who arrive on time, no one will be admitted after 6:30PM)

Some form of identification with a photo and address is required to attend this session.



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About The Training...

What do YOU have in common with Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezons? We're all given 24 hours in a day. Your ability to create wealth, have freedom, live the life of your dreams comes down to one simple thing. "How well do you manage your affairs in the 24 hours a day you've been given?"

Most people have a difficult time "FINDING TIME" to do the things they really want, simply because they never mastered the key concepts of "Time Management". Starting with the fact that there is no such thing as "Time Management". You do not manage time, you manage what YOU DO with the time you are given each day.

In this training, you will learn 7-Simple frameworks for GETTING THINGS DONE! In short, you will learn the insiders (Billionaire Hacks) for Getting More Done in The Next 12 Months Than You've Achieved in the Last 12 Years!

Specifically, you will learn the following:

Time-Proven Daily Planning Tool That Works! Forget everything you thought you knew about daily planners. Most are way too complicated. All this nonsense about "Cut here, paste there, put this in that hole..." When things are complicated they don't get implemented. This simply one-page (non-digital) daily planning tool is so simple and effective, you'll be saying, "Why Didn't Someone Give Me This year Ago!!?"

Start With The End In Mind, Then Use This To FOCUS! The reason most people do not like where they are is that they have no plan for where they are going. They are like a ship in the ocean with no crew, no captain, and no rudder. This is no way to live life! Use this simple Framework to define where you ultimately want to go, then work backward to having an actionable step-by-step blueprint to get there!

5-Year, 3-Year, 1-Year, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily FRAMEWORKS.! together we'll go through the process for defining where you want to go, how to get there, and then map out a step-by-step blueprint for building your 6-figure, then 7-figure real estate empire one property at a time, over a pre-determined path, with stepping stones that make sense for you and your family!

[NOTE: A comprehensive set of tools will be emailed to you immediately upon registration for this event. Please bring these tools with you to the training!]

Gold Insider's: "6 Simple Steps to Creating a 6-Figure Income in Just 6 Months!"


Realinvestor®️ Gold Insider's Secrets: "Here's The 6-Step Plan That Howard Used to Create a 6-Figure Income in Just 6 Months - AND YOU CAN TOO!"

[Join Us For This Important and Timely Master Class - REGISTER BELOW]

After getting taken by the "out-of-town gurus" for more than $30,000, Howard Johnson had a deep sense that no one teaching people how to make money in real estate was "capable of telling the truth".

Despite his distrust of real estate trainers and training programs, he decided to go at it "one last time" and after doing his research discovered Sherman Ragland and Realinvestors®️. After agreeing to "give Realinvestors®️ a shot", Howard got his first deal in just 14 days. After closing his first deal, he went on to do 14 more deals in less than a year, earning over $100,000 and his personal financial freedom.

Today, Howard routinely makes $18,000, $22,000 and $24,000, per deal. On several occasions, Howard has made over $100,000, on just one deal by simply putting the property under contract and "flipping the contract".

During this session, Howard shares the details of how he had to overcome the GURU B.S. and shares what it really takes to get past your first deal, start making a 6-Figure (part-time) real estate income from home, then start getting regular 6-Figure paydays in real estate.

"How We Made $110,000 On Our Very First D.C. Real Estate Deal!"

Online event

There's a Reason Why We Tell People That They Are "Just 21-Days Away From Their Very First Deal!"

In this session, Marsha McPhee of Baltimore and Robert Eugene Young of Washington, D.C. Share Insider's Secrets On How They Were Able To Find a Deal In Just Two Weeks That Resulted in Them Getting $110,000 On Their Very First Real Estate Deal.

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