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What we’re about

Hello all.... “Sober Slice” is a new meet up group that welcomes all with open arms. It’s not specific to singles and hopes to attract people from all corners of the world. The idea behind the group’s formation is that you can enjoy life in Ireland with like minded people, doing fun things that don’t necessarily revolve around drink or a pub. The group doesn't exclude people who like a drink BTW. There are a huge variety of events / activities happening in Ireland, and it can be made all the more enjoyable as part of a welcoming, friendly group. Activities / events in this group include live gigs, hill walks, language exchange, simple afternoon coffee, browsing markets and many, many more. This group will allow you to make new friends and enjoy the craic without the dreaded hangover the next day. I would love the input of new members to shape the direction of this group so if you want to see the sober side of Ireland jump on board and join our club today! If you need any more info call Dave on 087 610 2363.


It's each person's responsibility to approach outdoor activities with caution. Walking can be demanding, and the onus is on each individual to ensure they are fit enough to complete the distance before going. Not all trails are on solid and even surfaces so it is up to each walker to be mindful of their own safety. In the event of an accident causing injury of any kind, Sober Slice is not liable.

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