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What we’re about

What we're about

This is a mature adult [40+ years] group for those:

·  Who have at least minimal experience in tent camping

·  Have access to all the tent-camping equipment that you will require.

·   Looking to make tent-camping buddies

·  Want to tent camp but fear doing so alone

·   Want to enjoy adult tent camping experience

·  All members of our group must adhere to the camp ground rules and quiet times. These are usually 10:00 pm – 6:00 am.

·  All members of our group must be responsible while drinking of alcoholic beverages. Loud/rowdy intoxicated behavior will not be tolerated.

·  All sound devices must be used with ear buds. Not everyone likes the same kind of music. Besides isn’t one of the ideas of camping is to enjoy the sounds of nature?

·  No smoking or use of recreational drugs within the camp.

·  You must be prepared to have and know how to use all of your camping gear. Please do not rely on others to help you set up your campsite.

·  All of our events are for members only. No guests.

·  If I have not met you in person you will not be allowed to camp with our group. One of the important reasons for attending a Meet & Greet as soon as you join.

·  Friendly pets are welcome except where prohibited by the campground. Most allow pets. Yappy/barkers/aggressive animals will not be tolerated. All pets must be kept away from the eating/food prep areas at all times. Pets must be kept on an attached/anchored rope not exceed 6 feet in length [campground rule not mine].

·  Members are always free to plan their own activities. They are not required to join in any group activities while camping.

·  Sharing sites encouraged within each campground rules.

·  If members camp in a vehicle they are responsible to check with each campground to ensure that their vehicle can be accommodated.

·  You are required to subscribe to group emails so that I may keep you in the loop about all of our activities. All members must be reachable by email either through or directly by personal email.

·   In order to keep the membership limited to those who actually participate, you will be expected to attend at least three camping trip during each twelve month period of your membership. Non-participating members will be deleted.

·   Please do not apply if you are not at least 40 years old; and until you have posted a facial photo, without sunglasses/other impediments. If I cannot clearly see your face up close, you will not be accepted.

·  Member suggestions of group events will be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to making new friends and exploring the outdoors with you. (

We count on $5.00 annual member's dues to cover our fees.
Please pay at your first Meet & Greet.
 Click on my name below to send Questions/Suggestions .