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What we’re about

ASKING THE BIG QUESTIONS: Philosophy is the "love of wisdom." Even if you haven't studied much philosophy, you can still ask the big questions. After all, Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living. And who says philosophy has to be boring? In our Socrates Cafe, we want to ask the big questions: • What is the meaning of life? • Why does anything exist at all? • Why should I be moral? What is the good life? • Why do evils take place? • Where do human duties and obligations come from? • How can we test a worldview to see if it is true? • Are all religions basically the same? • Do we have free will, or are we more like puppets on strings? People often take assumptions about life and the universe for granted because they are in the intellectual "air" we breathe. These may come from church, from mass media, from a teacher, or from the arts. But are they valid assumptions? If you like to dig into these questions, this group is for you! Hopefully, you'll be challenged and also challenge others to think more clearly and deeply about these issues. maybe these discussions can even help change the direction of our lives in the pursuit of wisdom!

WHO CAN COME? Everyone. At each meeting: (1) We'll talk about some scientific or philosophical topic. (2) We'll start with a dialogue of 2+ people who present the topic. Then (3) have a discussion with lots of Q&A. Everyone is welcome to participate. You don't have to agree. We just ask that you ask questions and interact cordially.