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🎼💋Butlins Soul weekender! 🍹👣
✨Butlins, but not as you know it✨ Butlins play host to several adult ‘Soul weekenders’ every year. 23rd November is the biggest of them all. They have best best line up of the year, So we may as well “Go large or go home 🤣”. It’s going to be a raucous 3 nights. There will be plenty of bars, places to eat, and entertainment, original bands and tribute bands with optional 70’s (or whatever you fancy) fancy dress on Saturday. There will also be free access to normal Butlins resort facilities eg, fun fair, rides, swimming pool. (Spa is extra cost and advisable to book before arrival). This kind of mini break is great fun, but don’t feel you have to attend everything. Take from it what you like. Push your boundaries only if you want to. Everyone has their own levels of comfort and the choice is totally yours. Butlins is known for chalet accomodation, but praise the Lord, they also have some hotels. I’ve reserved rooms in their BEST one as it’s Nov, and as on coast probably not that warm. The Ocean hotel, because it’s a group booking doesn’t even work out that much more, but will completely enhance your happy meter experience, plus we’ll all be in the same building not scattered around the resort. Neptune, Atlantis & Mariner are all based on two or three sharing, but all have two bedrooms, two televisions, larger sitting areas and balconies. So really if two sharing you have your own room each. Three sharing would have to decide/toss a coin to work out the best sleeping arrangements for themselves as two would be sharing, but the accomodation works out cheaper with three. Compass is one bedroom, price is for room. Single occupancy is the same as two sharing. Have a look at room descriptions. Most cost effective three sharing. On Adults only weekends maximum in accomodation is three. You’re welcome to bring a friend/friends, as long as they’re single and have joined group. £50 deposit, first in, get their first choice of accomodation. Balance is payable by 1st August. I’m so excited for this weekend! ... 📌 CONTACT ME FOR PRICES. 🔍 ... Neptune Room. Sleeps 3 adults maximum.. ... Atlantis room. Sleeps 3 adults maximum.. ... Mariner room. (Same as Atlantis just facing land rather than sea) Sleeps 3 adults maximum.. ... Compass Room. Sleeps 2 adults maximum.. ... If you want to stay in a chalet, or a different hotel (there are two others) you are welcome to make your own booking arrangements and pay a Meetup fee of £10pp. ... This event will be in conjunction with sister group.. Stipulation of this event, is that you’ve attended at least two events previously. Just to ensure that the group is right for you (and you’re right for us) 🤣 1. Decide which room you’d like. Choice of two. Also if you have a friend/group member to share with. 2. Private message me to check availability. I’ll forward banking transfer details. 3. When deposit received, room is yours and you’ll be invited to join a new private group.. Sociable Singles who love weekends away. 4. Don’t forget our Facebook group where you can see also what our sister group gets up to.

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This group is great for those new in town! And perfect for those of us upbeat single people who just love going out, meeting new friends, and having a good time, any excuse! Also those whose social 'going out' circle is diminishing as friends are now in relationships, or those who’ve recently left a relationship.

So, If you're ready to start going out and meeting new people, come and get involved in one of our many events. Meet like minded friends, or maybe even that special friend!

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