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What we’re about

Social Girls Miami is a global community of over 5000 active and aspiring women providing resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing, networking and support. We are registered in Florida as a non-for-profit "Social Girls Foundation". Our goal is to help every woman in Miami through different ways. If you are looking to:

- Make new friends and acquaintances in the Miami area

- Experience new adventures and activities, discover new places, learn, and connect
- Volunteer and help our community

- Meet other professional women for networking opportunities

Then this is the group for you!

Meetup will be for our event organization, please join our Facebook group for discussions with other members of the community:

You can also subscribe to our website to get more information:

Let's create real friendships and live a fulfilling life!

~~In this group:
❤️ We welcome any individual who identifies as female (men are not accepted)
❤️ We empower and support each other
❤️ All posts / comments must be positive and empowering
❤️ We share our life, experiences, stories, photos, tips, events, ask questions and more
❤️ RESPECT is REQUIRED in ALL exchanges between members.

❤️ Advertising, partnerships or to use the SGM name / logo - please email or contact one of the organizer.

~~Here's what's NOT ALLOWED:
💔 ZERO TOLERANCE for disrespecting or degrading any race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender, identity, etc. and for bullying, attacking, or escalating fights. You WILL be removed.
💔 DO NOT allow self-promotion within the community. Please ask to one of our moderators if you are interested in promoting yourself or your business. 
💔 NO Soliciting members by private message in order to sell something. This behavior is strictly forbidden in this group, so if you experience it, please report to one of the admin or moderators. Thank you for your help!
💔 NO sharing links to your website or Social Media. Social Girls team will post "Share your business or social media" from time to time. 
💔 NO Polling / Surveying / Crowdsourcing / Advertising
💔 NO political or religious posts
💔 DO NOT disrespect the admin and the moderators

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~~Social Girls in Miami & Social Girls Miami, were founded on Oct, 2018. Social Girls and Social Girls in Miami are a registered trademark with the USPTO.