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What we’re about

We believe that organizations must see social media and digital communications as an integrated part of all major business functions. Jumping into this space without laying the groundwork is like giving your kid the keys to your car without a driving lesson or a curfew, and then wondering why things went bad.

This monthly executive lunch is focused on helping senior executives and team leaders tackle the challenge of socializing their company, and maximizing return on effort in your social media communications and marketing efforts.

Lunch topics will include:

- Executive roundtables with authors and thought leaders

- Guerrilla Social Selling Strategies for your Organizations

- Brand management and business intelligence on the social web 

- Business to business applications to social media and social networks 

- Social media as a human resource management tool 

- Developing a social media policy and guidelines


20 minute guest speaker
10 minutes Q&A
30 minute lunch and round table discussions

Your Host:

Shane Gibson is an international speaker, and author on social media marketing, social selling and sales performance who has addressed over 100,000 people on stages in North America, Southern Africa, India, Malaysia and South America. He is in high demand as a keynote speaker on the topics of social media and sales performance. Shane Gibson is #5 on the list of the Top 30 Social Sales People in the World.

Note: This is a lunch focused on best practices and business strategy. This lunch is about improving your bottom-line and socializing your company or organization.