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What we’re about

Hello Social Entrepreneurs and Seekers of Interesting Meetups.

My name is Don Nasca. I organized this Meetup many years ago and we did live speed networking event at a place called Hatch in Portland. I met over 2,000 of the most interesting people in the Portland area doing these events. Everyone went home smiling with new contacts and interesting ideas on how to grow their dreams into sustainable organizations.

Since the pandemic, I tried moving to a Zoom format, but it takes many hours of work and marketing dollars to generate a consistent stream of new participants. Zoom simply can't replace a live interactive event.

One common struggle with networking is to develop a shared database that folks can refer back to when new ideas or needs arise. I went ahead and developed that database, but I can't simply add the 2,000 people without permission, so I am opening the door to anyone interested to go ahead and add themselves or their organization to it.

I will promote the database on my own dime as one of my core beliefs in life is that we as consumers and working people would have a much better quality society to live and work in if we tore down the corrupt greed based business model and replaced it with a social enterprise model. Profit is important, but not simply for shareholders, but also for stimulating local economies through creating jobs here and paying our people strong wages. When unions were strong, there was a much higher quality of life for workers as corporations had to negotiate with their workforce. Today, as at-will employees, the people have zero power and their livelihoods are not even a matter of importance to be concerned about.

So, if you have an interest in social enterprise, have an idea to share, a need for partners or money, or a service to offer; you are welcome to join our member directory for free.

Looking forward to seeing you in our directory.

Don Nasca