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What we’re about

Are you a woman that's introverted and shy but wants to go out on more dinner dates? Are you sensitive and sometimes anxious but want to be less of a homebody? This group is for women of any race who have difficulty making friends. If you ever find that you just don't fit in, you'll fit in with us. This group will be a safe space for ladies that are socially challenged.

This group will go out on LOTS of dinner dates with clubs, lounges, outdoors, and fitness classes in between. Age range is early 20's to late 40's.


  • To help discourage no-shows, there will be RSVP deposits for most events. A deposit will be needed to hold your RSVP. That deposit is refundable as long as you show up to the event. If you are a no-show, you will forfeit your deposit and those funds will be used for the organizer fee.
  • Deposit payments will be made and refunded by Cash App.
  • Your deposit may be refunded as long as you cancel your RSVP no later than *24 hours* before an event.

2 no-shows will results in removal from the group.

This group is not for...

  • judgment
  • disrespecting others
  • selling your products/services (particularly MLM)

Lastly, please turn on your email and mobile notifications for You don't want you to miss out on important notifications about events. This is especially useful for waitlist notifications.

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