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What we’re about

Who are we??? We are mostly single, but fun-loving couples are welcome as well. We just want to have fun and meet new people.

Are you looking for a new crowd, have a couch potato for a partner, or entering the single scene again? All ages are welcome, but we are mostly over 40. 

*NOTE*: Our events are for members only. There is no reason to fear coming alone. We will make you feel welcome. Please do not invite your friends, for safety reasons, everyone   MUST be a member to attend. If you are  part of a couple, your partner must join as well if they are interested in attending.  Our events include, but are not limited to, dining, movies, shopping, sports viewing, happy hours, charitable fund raisers, and anything you suggest that sounds good. Assistant organizers are always appreciated!

If you click on past events, you will see how many attended and what they thought of the experience.

Try us for a couple events, I am sure you will love us.

We are fragrance free for health reasons. see below

Some members are sensitive to the synthetic chemicals used in fragrances and would very much appreciate you refraining from using perfume, after shave, heavily scented lotions, hairspray, etc.,when attending our events or the morning of our events.

This may seem a peculiar request, but it is very important and we hope you will accept it without judgement. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity affects around 14% of the population, and the only relief from it is to avoid exposure to synthetic fragrance and other synthetic chemicals. This group offers a welcome opportunity for those with MCS, to be able to go into public places without being exposed to fragrance.  Feel free to contact me with questions.

Thanks so much!

Here is a link to better understand the condition Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS.