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What we’re about

Connect with and meet others from DC, MD, & VA interested in understanding, using, and enjoying the intersections of technology, social, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Gather at our events to discuss & learn & improve in areas such as:

  • Where the web is now: best practices, trends, technologies, marketing, tools, and sites
  • Where the web is going (and where it is not): platforms, meaningful changes for people & uses, and opportunities

More specific area details...

  • Marketing
    • social, engagement, measurement, strategy, trends
  • Start-ups:
    • local, presenting, pitching, funding, planning, executing, talent, launching, including Startup Rockstars events.
  • Entrepreneurship: "...if you're an entrepreneur, you've got to dream big and then dream bigger." -Howard Schultz
    • planning, profitability, motivation, leadership, solopreneurs, purpose.
  • Tech:
    • social, video, security, responsive interfaces, mobile, platforms, internet of things/sensors/cars/everything.
  • Content:
    • blogging, posting, infographics, video, audio, podcasting, quality.
  • Creativity: "Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties." - Erich Fromm
    • inspiration, tools, interaction,
  • Fun & more: gaming, viral, cool ideas, non-profits, keeping focused, and enjoying it all.

and, sometimes we'll ask what happened to web 2.0 and web 3.0?

Our Meetup events are in DC, & around the Metro area (Maryland and Virginia) as membership and locations permit. See our About us page here for more -

We have had several great, successful events, and are continuing with more types of high quality events to make these even more fun, useful, and informative. Larger happy hours and smaller discussion groups have worked, and we are also working on new ideas for upcoming events.

The Files page has notes from our past events -

Over 1,500 people have joined up since 2007, and we've enjoyed over 100 events!