What we're about

We chat about philosophy, asking questions of all shapes and sizes, while laughing, drinking beer and happily escaping the daily grind (without the pretension, doom and gloom often confused with philosophizing). We only have 5 rules, listed below.

The idea behind the Socrates Café is that we learn more when we question and question with others. We meet in a public place, the conversations are open to anyone who wishes to attend, and uses an informal flavor of the Socratic method to discuss a the philosophical questions.

We're a friendly bunch - the primary requirement is curiosity. You should come expecting to hear new ideas including ones that challenge your own. If you're more interested in pontificating than listening this isn't the gathering for you.

Socrates cafe is based on a book by author Christopher Phillips (http://www.amazon.com/Socrates-Cafe-Fresh-Taste-Philosophy/dp/039332298X), then a freelance writer asked himself what he could do that would in some modest way further the deeds of those noble souls who had come before him, especially Socrates who emphasized conversations between ordinary folks.

There are no prerequisites, and no reading or other preparation is required. You are invited. Bring a question that has been on your mind to discuss if you like.

The idea behind the Socrates Café is that we learn best when we have a safe, fun place to question everything. We're a fun bunch who meet in a public place, and use Socratic-like methods to discuss philosophical questions about everyday life.

How it works:

You show up. You share a beer or coffee with smart friendly people. We make a list of questions to discuss, which can be just about anything. The best questions are ones you do not know the answer to. "What is good?" "Is there life after death?" "What does it mean to be a good friend?" are all good examples from past cafes.

If we have more than 7 people, we break into smaller groups so there is enough oxygen in every conversation.

Our 5 Rules:

1. Open minds only. Consider the behavior of an open minded person. Be like that.

2. We ask you listen more than you speak - if you want to learn, you'll learn more by listening than speaking. Be curious.

3. No lectures, no matter how smart you are.

4. Really, no lectures. Come to convince yourself of something new, rather that convince others of what you already know.

5. Any of the facilitators/organizers have the right to run the conversation, or move the conversation on to a new question at any time they wish: often its because a rule is being broken or people are yawning themselves to death.

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