What we're about

The Software Freedom School exists to teach the world how to use and why to choose free software.

David L. Willson and Heather L. Willson started SFS in 2013 with Linux Camp.

We feed the whole learner, mind (techie classes), body (delicious food), and spirit (libre software).

We try to have at least two 4-hour gentle hands-on intro classes each month, one 4-day immersion camp each year, and a few study groups.

Our ideal participant loves Free Software, comes to learn with us, and stays to teach with us. Newbies, graduates, veterans, career changers, and enthusiasts are all welcome and wanted with us!

We are a community based company in the Denver area. We want to partner with hacker-spaces, maker-spaces, LUG's, businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, and small, free schools like ours. Our goal is to teach the world how to use and why to choose free software and it would be wonderful if you joined us!

We look forward to meeting you and are excited for you to be part of the libre community!

Upcoming events (4)

Linux Containers Using Docker, A Gentle Hands-on Online Intro

Online event


A Gentle, Hands-on Intro to Linux Containers using Docker

Linux container runtimes, like Docker, can be incredibly useful, providing immutable builds of applications that run the same on any machine.

They are useful for people who write and operate software, as well as hobbyists and experimenters.

There's a lot of hype around Linux containers, come learn what they can (and can't) offer you.



- Understand what a Linux container is and what benefits it does (and
doesn't) provide
- Create, pull, and run Docker images
- Use essential Docker API commands


- Docker Hub account (https://hub.docker.com/signup)
- web browser
- ssh client

Price: 32 USD or PWYC, https://www.sofree.us/how-to-pay

BitWarden Password Manager and Hacking Hours

Online event

BitWarden is a great open-source password manager for all types of operating systems and phones. We'll take a look at how to install and use it in your everyday life.

After that, we'll move into our usual hacking hours where I plan on working on a Minecraft server on my home network. You're welcome to join and work on your own project or assist with mine.

Linux - A Gentle Hands-on Online Introduction

Online event


We'll spend half a day learning by sampling a smorgasbord of tasks associated with managing Linux servers in the cloud.

(If you're interested in Linux on local physical or virtual machines, say so, and we'll put that on the schedule, too, but later, like June.)

Gary and David will teach you how to "shell in" to your machine using ssh, add a user account for yourself, and configure the machine as a basic web-server, at least.

What else are you curious about? File server? Mail server? Database? We have some flexibility. Since we can't possibly be comprehensive about anything in four hours, we get to make this a buffet of the Linux things you're curious about!

Price: 32 USD or PWYC, https://www.sofree.us/how-to-pay

ONLINE Enhance Site Reliability With HAProxy

Online event


Site Reliability Engineers will love this.

First, we'll setup sixteen nodes: two HAProxys and 14 HTTPd servers.
Then, we'll configure SSL off-loading and an HTTP to HTTPS redirect.
Then, we'll stop any single node.
Then, we'll stop all the nodes in a region.
Then, we'll put up a maintenance gate. (That's where we push a partially-tested change into production, and allow the QA engineers to complete testing, while everyone else gets a maintenance page.)
Finally, we'll remove the source filter so the site runs normally.

If this all goes as planned, we will celebrate joyously.

## About our online classes

No healthy snacks, hugs, or high-fives. Online only. Boo. Sad face.

But, it's half price and an online class is better than no class at all. Right?

## About the price

64 USD or PWYC, https://www.sofree.us/how-to-pay

## What to bring

‣ A workstation with ssh and a web-browser
‣ A GitLab.com account with an authorized ssh key

## About the teacher/s and mats

David L. Willson, RHCSA, LFCS, L+, A+, N+

All SFS' materials are CC BY SA

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Hacking Hours: Hack up some infrastructure

Online event

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