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What we’re about

The Software Freedom School exists to teach the world how to use and why to choose free software.

David L. Willson and Heather L. Willson started SFS in 2013 with Linux Camp.

We feed the whole learner, mind (techie classes), body (delicious food), and spirit (libre software).

We try to have at least two 4-hour gentle hands-on intro classes each month, one 4-day immersion camp each year, and a few study groups.

Our ideal participant loves Free Software, comes to learn with us, and stays to teach with us. Newbies, graduates, veterans, career changers, and enthusiasts are all welcome and wanted with us!

We are a community based company in the Denver area. We want to partner with hacker-spaces, maker-spaces, LUG's, businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs, and small, free schools like ours. Our goal is to teach the world how to use and why to choose free software and it would be wonderful if you joined us!

We look forward to meeting you and are excited for you to be part of the libre community!

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