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We’re a tech community aiming to gather awesome people on a biweekly basis, to talk about what’s new or interesting in IT.

We started in February 2013, and since then, we couldn’t stop. Usually, there are two speakers per event who, for 30 minutes talk about their ideas, new gizmos or technologies, solutions for common yet difficult issues etc. followed by a short Q&A session. In our community, we believe that programming is more than writing lines of code, to us, it’s an art that keeps growing and that has a lot to say. So...Let’s talk!

For more information regarding how the event works and about the speakers and their presentation, please stay tuned as we always share an update for any new event. Please also check our website: http://www.softbinator.ro/ , our group "Talks" by Softbinator (https://www.facebook.com/groups/talks.by.softbinator/) and our page Softbinator Algorithms (https://www.facebook.com/softbinator/?fref=ts).


We have to have these in order to keep our community bug-free so here they are:

1. Softbinator - Romanian IT Community is a group dedicated exclusively to those interested in IT

2. We don’t encourage any sort of ads that are off-topic

3. We like jokes but we also like limits so please don’t cross any lines or offend anybody, we’re all friends here

4. Any member can come up with new ideas, feedback (even negative) or suggestions

5. Networking is key so please feel free to comment as much as you like

6. This is not a job platform so please don’t post job offers

Upcoming events (1)

#Talks155 - Threat Landscape & Defence in Depth Event by Softbinator Foundation

Mojo Music Club - Live music and Karaoke - Sports Pub

⚫Talks155 – All about Cyber Security - October 28th, 19.00 at Mojo
- Threat Landscape - Past, Present and Future
- Is Defence in Depth still feasible today?

Sergiu Zaharia and Dan Demeter meet on October 28 to debate 🔐Cyber Security!

We are facing the evolution of cyber threats and observe their trends in terms of complexity, impact, surprise and dispersion.
Are we ready for what is to come?
Let's debate this!

✅Sergiu Zaharia, Huawei Technologies cybersecurity and privacy officer in Romania and Moldova, received the Best Cyber Security Award (2020) from the Digital Transformation Council, Romania.
✅Dan Demeter graduated from Imperial College London and holds a master's degree in software engineering. He joined Kaspersky in 2014 and since then his work has focused on developing information systems on mass data processing and creating new technologies to combat persistent advanced threats.

What will you find out⁉️
✅Evolution of threats and the current landscape; predictions;
✅Updating the concept of Defense in Depth;
✅ CTF / PT / Red team concepts;
✅How to solve incidents and how you can prevent them.

Join us on October 28th in Mojo to find out the latest trends and recommendations about Cyber Security!

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Mojo Music Club - Live music and Karaoke - Sports Pub

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