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We’re a tech community aiming to gather awesome people on a biweekly basis, to talk about what’s new or interesting in IT. 

We started in February 2013, and since then, we couldn’t stop. Usually, there are two speakers per event who, for 30 minutes talk about their ideas, new gizmos or technologies, solutions for common yet difficult issues etc. followed by a short Q&A session. In our community, we believe that programming is more than writing lines of code, to us, it’s an art that keeps growing and that has a lot to say. So...Let’s talk! 

For more information regarding how the event works and about the speakers and their presentations, please stay tuned as we always share an update for any new event. Please also check our website: http://www.softbinator.foundation/, our group "Talks" by Softbinator and Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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#TALKS166 - IT Revolution: A New Era of Banking with Biometrics and APIs

#TALKS166 - IT Revolution: A New Era of Banking with Biometrics and APIs powered by Libra Bank.

In this edition of Talks by Softbinator powered by Libra Bank, we will cover:
📌 API Banking & the Fintech integrations that Libra Bank has, how they work, and why they are changing the banking ecosystem;
📌 Keeping customers in control by securing access with biometrics - implementing an authenticator embedded in the mobile banking app and using it to authorize requests from fintech companies and other third parties.

Who are the speakers, and what will you learn?

✅ Alex Dionian: IT Director - will present successful IT projects developed inside Libra Bank and the integrations with well known Fintechs.
✅ Cristian Ursu - Team Leader, Internet & Mobile Banking Team, Buchares - will talk about what goes behind the scenes of securing a transaction: who are the entities involved and how they relate from a technical standpoint.

✅ Vicențiu Berneanu - Team Leader, Dev Team, Craiova Hub - will talk about APIs and PSD2 requirements and give a technical overview of microservices, clean architecture, project architecture, and final integrations.

✅ Vlad Daraban - Team Leader, Internet & Mobile Banking Team, Cluj Hub - will talk about biometrics, how his team linked mobile biometrics capabilities with serverside validation, and how they used them to authorize sensible operations.
🗓️ See you on October 20th at Commons Unirii. The event is free, but registration is required. Please fill out this form ASAP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/424103173007

Talks166 will be moderated by @Radu-Sebastian Amarie, co-founder @Softbinator Foundation.

Please note: By filling out this form, you agree to be contacted by Libra Bank following this event and added to the Softbinator Foundation newsletter.:
#Talks166 will be in Romanian.

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