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We want to build a community of passionate software people, a place where we gather to share our skills, insights, tips and latest technologies.

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Architecture kata (hands on)

Online event

"So how are we supposed to get great architects, if they only get the chance to architect fewer than a half-dozen times in their career?"
--Ted Neward

Let's become better designers/architects by practicing on an almost real case. No coding, just thinking, collaborating and finding a suitable solution in small groups.

At the end each group presents its solution to the others to get constructive feedback.

Johan Martinsson is a technical agile coach with a passion for code design.
With 20 years of experience, he has spent the last 8 years helping teams master test-driven development in multiple languages.
He regularly finds (good) excuses to show some code at conferences in France and elsewhere.

Align your Coding Practices

Online event

Software developers are challenged to produce clean and sustainable source code to avoid quality issues or technical debt.
Software Craftsmanship values support developers in working efficiently together while putting quality as a first-class citizen in their project.

Collaboration is a key factor for software projects to succeed and for clean code to raise in it. By nature, all developers do not share the same skills and knowledge, so there's a need for each team to set up a continuous improvement process for their coding best practices (Architecture, Languages, Tests, ...).

Promyze is a collaborative platform designed to define to share software development best practices. Promyze introduces a new concept called Craft Workshops, which allows teams to regularly discuss their best practices and make the right decisions on these topics.

In this talk, we'll take a tour into Promyze to demonstrate how the Craft Workshops and Promyze plugins help teams to share knowledge, learn faster, and align their coding practices.

More info: https://promyze.com/?lang=en

ABOUT Cédric
Cédric Teyton, CEO & Co-founder @Promyze
Cédric got his Ph.D. in 2014 in Software Engineering, is a passionate developer, and daily works around Software Craftsmanship and Software Quality topics. He also has interests in Java, DevOps, and Cloud Computing ecosystem.

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