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Esta es una comunidad para personas que se preocupan y están orgullosas de lo que hacen. Para desarrollador@s, sin importar la experiencia que tengan, que quieran mejorar y dominar su oficio. Manifiesto

This is a community for those who care and are proud of what they do. For those developers, regardless how experienced they are, who want to improve and master their craft. Manifest

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Introduction to Coding Dojos


Hello everyone! We are back with Coding Dojos for the community 🦄! And we'll start with an introduction to what a coding dojo is, followed by a short kata.

Join us for this meetup with Paolo Sciarra, which will be held in Vonzu's office.

📆 Agenda

  • 18:00. Open doors 🍻 🥪
  • 18:30. VONZU's presentation
  • 18:40 - 19:30. Coding Dojo Intro. Have you ever wanted to know what a coding dojo is? Do you like TDD, OOP, or FP? Then this talk is for you 😀
  • 19:30 - 20:30. Roman Numerals kata. Bring your laptops 💻 to have a taste of a coding dojo.
  • 21:00 Event closing

👨🏽‍💻 Speaker: Paolo Sciarra
I am a passionate developer who works mainly on the JVM for 12 years now. I firmly believe in the Agile Manifesto and in the XP techniques. I like TDD, pair programming, and both OOP and FP.
I like to test and write all the features I develop end to end.

🏢 Sponsor: VONZU
We are a company that develops a logistics SaaS with the objective of giving companies back control over their supply chain and we guarantee an exceptional brand experience when they deliver their products to their customers.

Find us at:

We thank 🙏 Vonzu for hosting us and proving 🍻 🥪

💥 Important

We plan to resume our katas and we are looking for awesome facilitators like you. If you are interested in sharing with the community, please reach out to us at [masked] or DM us on Twitter @bcnswcraft.

Vamos a reanudar las katas periódicas presenciales, y para eso ¡te necesitamos! Si te apetece facilitar una kata, contáctanos a [masked] o DM en Twitter @bcnswcraft.

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