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What we’re about

*This group will have tours and trips local to NJ/NYC but as for travel, it is also for both domestic as well as international trips as well. Women from ANYWHERE around the world are all welcome here! I just had to put a location since I do live in NJ, that's why I chose Morristown.

Hey Ladies!
This group is for you if...
~You are over 40, close to it or can relate to what we are all about.
~You are female or identify as such, you will always have a safe space here!
~You are single (forever & proud or recently so and maybe working through some stufff), divorced, (yea, me too) or very happily married/in a relationship and you just want to meet other like-minded women to travel with!
~You have no children - or - are that woman who lives(d) in a shoe who just needs a darn break to be with other women who can relate!

~You enjoy travel SO much that it's something you do as much as possible, something you dream about doing as much as possible, or something you want to do as much as possible but do not have anyone travel with!
~You may have traveled Solo and LOVED it so much you want to share your stories!
~You want to try Solo travel but just need some inspiration for confidence to do so!

Who am I? Why start this group?
I am 51 years wise, was married for over 20 years, have 5 children, was in a 10 year relationship that ended and I have found that I am so much more than just someone's partner or someone's mom, though the latter is definitely my life's greatest accomplishment. However, I have so much more to me and I know if you are still here, still reading this, that you do too!
People ask what would you tell your 20year old self and I don't care about that, I wish I could speak to my 40 year old self, Ha!

I have my voice again finally! What I've learned is how much joy it brings me to be a traveler, not just be someone who takes a 'vacation'. I enjoy being a sponge, learning other cultures, growing as an individual - this is what I mean by TRAVEL.

I have travelled with family and friends but absolutely feel empowered when traveling solo. I have so much advice to share, including how to be able to budget because we ALL know how expensive it can be to travel!

Join me and this group if you would love to get together to share stories with likeminded women! I plan for us to do meetups to talk and get to know each other both in person within NJ/NY and virtually as well. I have some fantastic walking tours in mind as well as future travel with anyone wanting to go!